Introduction To Branding

Whether you realize it or not, everything you do, every trait you exhibit, and any semblance of your uniqueness, constitutes your brand. You are your own logo and yes… the world is still your market.   Why do mainstream giants like Coca Cola, Apple and Twitter have such powerful brands? Why are they the premier choice for the majority of consumers? Think of them as people. The Twitter bird logo for example, presents a playful but appealing feel to its people.Just like an attractive woman that’s approachable. This logo approach definitely sparks your interest in terms of branding; however, that’s as far as the logos go. Here is a cool trick about branding. Not only are such brands extremely good at what they sell, they don’t let us forget it; and they keep coming up with new and better ways to remind us.   Branding is only effective when it influences the minds of the consumer, and these giant brands clearly have the people’s attention through their catchy and attractive marketing. They are the “cool kids” of their respective industries and we all want to go to their parties. So apart from names and logos, what more do we look at when building a strong brand? Practically every little detail and nuance of your customer’s experience culminates in what their image of your brand will be. From how they are received at your office or on the phone,  to how they receive your product or service.
Customer care and Client relations is key.
When people come to know what to expect of your brand, it is less likely they will go elsewhere. For instance, regardless  of the countless documentaries on animal cruelty and the obvious health risks, people still flock to KFC, probably now more than ever. KFC is consistent, and despite everything we’ve seen or heard to make us stop eating it, the Colonel keeps reminding us that “it’s finger licking good”. In Ghana customer care is not the focus of many organizations in the food industry, this makes even the generic salutations and the sometimes robotic delivery by our local KFC employees, strangely refreshing. They are unique… and in a positive way.
  • What is your brand identity?
  • What is your brands purpose?
  • How does your brand /organization relate to your customers AND competition?
  • Do you set the trends, or just follow?
Without these points in mind, you cannot effectively tailor your brand to create the image you want the world to see. Think outside the box; and remember…
  Everything is branding.